Talent is a key driver for determining your next business location. Premium sites across the globe are facing fierce competition in both attracting talent to a region and retaining it. When evaluating potential location sites or expanding existing operations, talent is often the number-one factor. On this page, you will find more information on the available talent pool and initiatives in the region of Brabant and how effectively your company can tap into this.


Education institutes

In the end, it is people that matter most. With its world-renowned  educational and research institutions, Brabant is home to a constant stream of highly talented and ambitious professionals – people with a proactive can-do mentality who have learned to collaborate from an early age, making them ideal employees. Learn more about our innovative education system & institutes.

Expat Center South

Life is good in Brabant. And that’s not only because of its warm and welcoming people, but also because of its excellent facilities: you are close to everything that makes life easier and more enjoyable, such as leading international schools, beautiful nature and leisure parks, a vibrant nightlife and cuisine, lively cities. Then there is also the dedicated Expat Center South that supports our international guests in making the move to, settling in and living in Brabant, ensuring they feel right at home.

The Expat Center provides support and advice to expats in the Netherlands. The center gives support on nearly every aspect of expat living, such as formalities, housing, living, culture, education, jobs, taxes, leisure, and other personal and social needs. The expat center regularly organizes events during which expats can meet other expats. These events can be purely social and can be workshops and conferences around a specific expat-theme.

The Expat’s Guide to Brabant is the number one resource of information for internationals working and/or living in the province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands.

Talent initiatives in Brabant

In Brabant, collaboration is part of our DNA. It’s therefore not surprising that there are many initiatives in the region that provide the opportunity for businesses to work together with universities and other institutes. Below you will find an overview of talent initiatives in the region.


Talent initiatives

Download the full overview of the talent initiatives in Brabant


Since we arrived here, we’ve had no trouble recruiting great people. There are many highly skilled expats here whose partners work at some of the region’s leading names, like ASML, Philips, VDL and NXP. The number of nationalities at our head office has increased to 17 from about 12, which really shows the international appeal of the region.

Marc van Rooij - President at Shimano Europe

International Talent in the Gaming Industry

Brabant is a leading hub for digital entertainment and immersive technologies, with a thriving ecosystem of companies and organizations pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field. Within this dynamic landscape, the city of Breda is emerging as the new game development hub, drawing attention not only for its vibrant gaming scene but also as a welcoming home for international professionals. Among the key players shaping this narrative is Robbie Grigg, a game technology expert and educator who has made Breda his home for the past 12 years. Curious to hear more about Robbie’s experience? Read the article!


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