Welcome to Brabant! Saluda Medical

We are delighted to welcome Saluda Medical, an innovator in neuromodulation technology, to our region. Saluda Medical's establishment in Brabant signifies a step ahead in our healthcare landscape, melding pioneering medical technology with our commitment to healthcare excellence.
16 November 2023

Healthcare Innovation

Founded in 2013, Saluda Medical’s mission is to transform patient care with disruptive neuromodulation solutions. This journey has been built on over a decade of advanced research, development, and clinical experience led to the innovation and creation of the 

Evoke® system. This system is the first to utilize Evoked Compound Action Potentials (ECAPs) to measure the spinal cord’s physiologic response to stimulation directly, a groundbreaking innovation in smart neuromodulation therapy. “For the first time, clinicians can directly measure the spinal cord’s physiological response to stimulation to the Evoke” (Saluda Medical, 2023). The company’s introduction to Brabant brings this cutting-edge technology to our region, promising a transformative impact on pain management and patient care.

Saluda Medical’s establishment of its presence in Brabant is a testament to our region’s growth as a hub for medical innovation. Their visionary approach complements our future healthcare goals, fostering an environment where advanced medical technologies can thrive. We can work together, providing a supportive ecosystem and a large talent pool of skilled professionals and creating a culture of collaboration among industries.

The partnership between Brabant’s ambitions and innovations in healthcare technology and Saluda Medical’s mission is clear. Our region’s dedication to fostering innovative healthcare solutions ensures it is an ideal environment for Saluda Medical’s continued growth and development. 

Saluda Medical’s integration into the Brabant region marks an essential chapter in our mission of healthcare excellence. As we welcome and embrace Saluda Medical’s innovative spirit and cutting-edge neuromodulation technology, Brabant is poised to become a leading destination for medical advancements. Together, we look forward to shaping a future where advanced technology and patient-centric care converge to create a new standard in healthcare. Here is to a future where we make significant strides in healthcare together!

Source: Saluda Medical


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