Vehant Technologies establishes at Automotive Campus, Helmond.

Vehant, an Indian developer of intelligent scanners for traffic management and security, establishes at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. Together with regional partners, the company will enter the European market with ‘Made in Brainport’ products.

25 February 2020

Vehant is moving to the Automotive Campus to make cooperation with companies and institutions in the region easier. “There are two main reasons for us to settle here,” says Kapil Bardeja, CEO of Vehant Technologies. “We want to collaborate with companies from the Brainport region to produce our intelligent scanners. In addition, we are seeking alignment with the R&D activities in the field of smart mobility, which take place at this campus and other locations in Brainport. That’s why we are also looking at possibilities to collaborate with TU/e.”

Vehant Technologies is a pioneer in the field of traffic management, making use of artificial intelligence. The company is a great addition to the smart and green mobility ecosystem in Brainport. We are happy that we are able to contribute to that.

Lex Boon, Director - Automotive Campus

BOM Foreign Investment assisted Vehant with the move to the Automotive Campus. Project manager Frits Hoeve: “It’s still about a modest operation. However, the cooperation with other companies from our region, and the plans to also establish the sales and service office for Europe and the Middle East, will create quite a bit of employment.”