Brabant is responsible for more than 50% of all patent applications in the Netherlands, done by 16,000 researchers, who work for global R&D Centers such as Bosch, MSD, ASML and Holst.

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Brabant. Home to highly talented and ambitious professionals.

In the end, it’s people that matter most. With its world renowned research and education institutes, Brabant is home to a constant stream of highly talented and ambitious professionals. People with an optimistic can-do mentality, who have learned to collaborate from an early age, which makes them ideal employees. Thanks to its bright business climate, bright life and welcoming atmosphere, Brabant attracts captains of industry, innovators, pioneers and students from all over the world, giving an extra boost to the whole region’s business climate.

Brabant talent initiative:

#PeopleMatterAtBosch in Breda - Ten companies in Brabant are offering suitable employment opportunities to 17,000 people with a physical, psychological, or mental disability. The Dutch government has created special programs in an effort to increase job opportunities and labor participation on the part of this group by offering financial incentives to employers.

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