Brabant is home to more than 1.600 corporations from abroad, representing approximately 16% of all jobs created by foreign companies in the Netherlands, active in manufacturing, logistics, R&D and business services.

Rhenus bewerkt

Brabant. Where your next door neighbours are global leaders.

Choosing the optimal location for your European business is a considerable undertaking, for which you don’t only need good business instinct, but also a vivid imagination. So just imagine, being in the heart of Europe, surrounded by talented and innovative people. Where your next door neighbours are global leaders, startups and institutes in industry sectors such as high tech, life sciences and agrifood. Where logistics is engrained in the region’s DNA. And where you have a dedicated partner supporting you every step of the way to ensure a flawless landing and expansion. In short: Imagine empowering Brabant, where your business and people will grow!

Brabant High Tech

More than 50% of Dutch patents originate from Brabant. About 130,000 people work at more than 15,500 large and small high-tech companies. These companies are global leaders in their subsectors. Why? Due to the ecosystem, which is built around a large number of high-quality disciplines.

High tech in Brabant
Thin film photovoltaic solar energy 3 Holst Solliance