SEKISUI design studio to open on the Automotive Campus

HELMOND, 30th of September 2021 – Japanese multinational company SEKISUI is set to open a design studio at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, the Netherlands. The company will use the modern showroom as “living lab” to update their customers, OEMs and partners from Europe on the latest technological developments in the mobility field. The centre is scheduled to open its doors in October.

30 September 2021

Just imagine it: step into your car and the dashboard, navigation tools, traffic updates and the outdoor temperature are all projected onto the windscreen. Visitors to the SEKISUI design studio at the Automotive Campus in Helmond will soon be able to discover how this new design & technology will significantly change driving in the future. “Here you will find the cutting-edge technologies for future smart mobility and smart life which keep up dating day by day “says Masashi Yanai, Director of the SEKISUI design studio.

Enchanted by the Campus
Pieter Rahusen, Business Developer at the Automotive Campus, is extremely pleased with the arrival of SEKISUI. “Together with our regional partners, Brainport Development and the Brabant Development Agency, we worked very hard to get the Japanese multinational to Brabant, and the company is enchanted with our Automotive Campus. Our approach to open innovation was particularly appealing to them.
The south-eastern region of Brabant has become the setting for intensive cooperation between the corporate world, public agencies and educational institutes, with knowledge-sharing as the central focus point.”

The fact that SEKISUI will have a presence there will help to improve the international image of the Automotive Campus, Rahusen believes. “While many people in the Netherlands might never have heard of SEKISUI, it’s a global actor in the automotive industry, with an annual turnover of a half billion euros and a workforce numbering in the thousands, just in Europe. When a company of that magnitude tells us how impressed they are with the Campus, we must accept that as an incredible compliment.”

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is a leading global company in the fields of chemicals and housing. Using technological innovations, the company is setting new standards in terms of the chemical industry’s infrastructure and solutions. While the Automotive Campus’ business developer cannot yet provide

details on the exact look of the design studio, he does know that it will be home to a hyper-modern concept car that was designed by Helmond-based design company GBO. The car will be used to demonstrate the technologies that SEKISUI can provide.

Both SEKISUI and the Automotive Campus consider the design studio to be an initial joint venture, with more to come in the future.

Source: Automotive Campus