SBMC Invests €4M in New Biomaterials Production Pilot Facility

Smart BioMaterials Consor0um (SBMC) and High Tech Campus Eindhoven have reached an agreement on the establishment of a pilot produc0on facility for smart biomaterials. These materials are used in the development of novel regenera0ve medicine applica0ons, therapies which support the self-healing func0on of the human body.
2 October 2023

Accelerating process

“In the Brainport region we are very proficient at developing new ideas for regenerative medicine, but the path to the patient is long and challenging,” says Jan Rietsema, CEO of SBMC.

“Our aim is to accelerate the process from patent to patient. This is good for the patient and good for the dozens of start-ups in Southeast Brabant, such as Xeltis, STENTiT, and VivArt-X, companies spearheading the development of biomaterials for regenerative medical applications. Companies from in- and outside the consortium are welcome to get active in our shared facilities and use our expertise to further address their scaling and production

Otto van den Boogaard, CEO of High Tech Campus Eindhoven, adds, “We are delighted with
SBMC’s choice of the Campus. This decision not only confirms our position as a leading global healthcare hub but also highlights our vital role in supporting thriving innovation clusters. Through our top-notch facilities, we empower these dynamic groups to thrive, fostering groundbreaking advancements in healthcare and technology.”

SBMC’s pilot production facility is part of the National Pilot Factory for Regenerative Medicine. This ecosystem of specialized pilot lines is funded by the National Growth Fund and supports universities, research institutes, start-ups, and industry in developing, testing, scaling, and producing novel therapies for regenerative medicine.

SBMC’s production facility will be located in building HTC 11 and will offer four GMP cleanrooms with a total area of 400m2, a quality control laboratory, offices and warehouse space. Expected facility opening is the year 2025. In addition to the pilot production facility, SBMC operates R&D laboratories located at the campus of the Technical University Eindhoven, offering CRO services for biomaterials development.

Source: SBMC

Information leaflet Smart Biomaterials in Brabant

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