Riding into the Future: ADASTEC wins bid for self-driving buses in

The American company ADASTEC, a leading software company specializing in SAE Level-4 automated driving software solutions, has won a contract to supply self-driving buses in Rotterdam, marking a significant step for its market-leading automated driving technology in the Netherlands. The company has opened its office in Brabant in 2022.
2 April 2024

Zero-emission buses

The contract will see two SAE Level-4 automated, zero-emission buses provided for journeys between Meijersplein and Rotterdam The Hague Airport by the end of 2024 for a trial period of at least two years. With this project, ADASTEC’s SAE Level-4 automated bus will become the world’s first automated bus to be used in airport transportation.

ADASTEC expanded to the Automotive Campus in Helmond in 2022. The main reason the company chose this location was because of the extensive network of automotive technology companies.

In 4 years, ADASTEC has positioned itself as the world’s leading company dedicated to SAE Level-4 automated buses and is focused on retaining its position. Alongside an international footprint with headquarters in the USA, an R&D office in Istanbul, and a presence in the Netherlands, ADASTEC has several deployments worldwide, showcasing its commitment to innovation and global expansion in the field of automated transportation.

ADASTEC is developing safe and automated commercial transportation, while aiming to cut emissions and grow the economy, contributing to the rich High Tech and IT industries in the Netherlands and Brabant. The company’s goals are aligned with the Netherlands’ position as a location to accelerate business growth that serves both societal well-being and environmental sustainability.

Smart & Green Mobility in Brabant

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