Pivot Park celebrates tenth anniversary

On February 1, it was exactly ten years ago that the Life Sciences park was established in Oss. During that period, the business park has developed into a biopharmaceutical hotspot. A great addition to Brabant!

7 February 2022

Pivot Park was founded in 2011 at the initiative of MSD, the province of Brabant, the municipality of Oss, the ministries of Economic Affairs and Public Health, Welfare and Sport, and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM). Together they had a concrete goal: to prevent 1,100 jobs and a lot of valuable knowledge from being lost as a result of closing the R&D facilities on the former Organon site. The solution was a new life sciences campus that was renamed Pivot Park some time later.

Connecting campus

That name was not chosen randomly, says director Brigitte Drees. “Pivot represents the role that, according to the initiators, the park should fulfill: that of connecting companies and knowledge institutions that focus on innovations in the development of medicines. Well, we succeeded very quickly then and we are still able to do it ten years later.”


There are countless well-known successes that Pivot Park and its tenants have achieved in ten years. “We are proud of the Drug Discovery research group that we have brought to Oss and the upcoming new construction of Grizzly on our site. With a community of more than sixty tenants and 650 employees who know where to find each other, I think we can best speak of one great success.”

Community feeling

In order to make the next ten years as successful as the first, Pivot Park focuses on the realization of an incubator, the further development of real estate and strengthening the connection with education. “We must remain attractive and vibrant in every conceivable way, both for our existing tenants and for future tenants,” said Drees. “Continuing to grow healthily without losing our sense of community: that is perhaps our main challenge for the future.”

Source: Pivot Park