Our recent participation in Agritechnica

The largest agricultural machinery exhibition in Europe, was a major success, showcasing innovation alongside esteemed partners.
22 November 2023

The Dutch stand at the Agritechnica featured the companies Agurotech, Avular, Famateq, Farmax Ltd, Flikweert Vision, Odd.Bot – “Robotics for a Sustainable Future”, Pixelfarming Robotics, Tective Robotics, and BOM (Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij), collectively showcasing the latest trends in sustainable food production.

In Brabant and the Netherlands, we excel in smarter and more sustainable organization and realization of food production. Visitors to our stand gained firsthand knowledge of the innovations driving our commitment to advancing the agriculture sector. Do you want to learn more about how Brabant innovates in this sector? Please refer to our agrifood tech industry.

Press the play button below for a recap of this event


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