Organon: a strong Brabant brand returns

About 100 years in the making. The development of Brabant into a pharmaceutical hotspot is characterized by a long history in pharmacy.

2 June 2021

Organon was founded in 1923, which was acquired by Schering-Plough in 2007 and subsequently merged with MSD. Much of the knowledge and expertise built up over the years was in danger of being lost when MSD decided to close its early research facilities in 2011. A large public-private partnership – in which the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) was also involved – brought salvation and in 2012, Organon’s R&D location was transformed into an open innovation campus: Pivot Park. Now, almost 100 years after its foundation, the name ‘Organon’ returns to Oss.

Spring 2020, MSD announced plans to split off part of the company to create two independent, listed and future-proof companies with global impact. The new company, which will be called Organon & Co, will start operations in the first half of 2021. An Organon branch will also be opened at the home base in Oss. It is expected that of the 10,000 jobs worldwide, 1000 will be filled in Oss. Immediately afterwards, the familiar letters ‘Organon’ return to the streets of Oss. Well in time for the company’s 100th anniversary.

Open Innovation

In 2021, more than 60 companies are located at the Pivot Park and more than 600 employees work on drug discovery and development. A large part of these companies were founded by former Organon and MSD researchers who are making their way as entrepreneurs. With MSD, Aspen, Pharming and the returning Organon, Pivot Park will soon have 4 listed production companies on location. The Life Sciences & Health sector in Brabant is doing well.