Partners in Education: students are your future talent

9 May 2019

Fontys University of Applied Sciences, School for IT, and the business community have been working together for more than 10 years within the ‘Partners in Education’ program. This program is developed by Fontys and provides the possibility for companies to support and attract ‘young professionals’. This allows vacancies to be filled in time and offers students the opportunity to become acquainted with the business community during their studies.

From classroom to corporate

It’s important for companies that a large number of IT students graduates and that their education fits with professional practice. The personal development of the students becoming professionals is essential here. Fontys wants local businesses to become acquainted with their future employees at an early stage. Through good and sustainable cooperation with educational institutions, students receive an up-to-date and challenging education. In addition, companies are able to introduce them to the latest technologies. This results in students being well prepared after their graduation and able to apply the theory directly into practice.

“Atos has been a Partner in Education for many years. And this to the complete satisfaction of both sides. We see a clear win-win-win situation (Student-Fontys-Atos). The collaboration is so good that we recently decided to become a Partner in Innovation.”

Menno Blanken - Business Unit Manager at Atos

Structural cooperation

The expectations of the Partner in Education program are high. In addition to the possibility of offering internships and graduation positions, companies structurally share their latest developments with the educational institution. In co-creation, companies develop lectures together with teachers for specific groups of students and receive feedback. This is also a great opportunity to brainstorm about existing business cases, possibly in the form of specific assignments. In this way, companies have a clear, direct and long-term influence on education, and knowledge sharing is done directly with their future employees.

“As a Partner in Education, we have the opportunity to contribute to the development of talent and to get in touch with potential new colleagues in time.”

Iris Henst - HR Business Partner at Amplexor

Partners in Education
The benefits of the Partners in Education program for companies are obvious:

  • Contribution to and direct influence on the education program of Fontys University of Applied Sciences;
  • Relatively simple completion of internships and graduation positions;
  • Generating extra brain power as a commitment to specific business cases;
  • At an early stage of the study companies have the possibility to already get in touch with potential and future employees – for example during the exclusive Career Day that’s being organized by Fontys;
  • Access to students who are well prepared for professional practice;
  • From next year there will also be the focus on practice-oriented research by the implementation of the ‘Partner in Innovation’ program.

    More information on the Partners in Education program can be found here.