Event: August 23 – 25, Gamescom Cologne

Gamescom is the premier international event for videogames and interactive entertainment, held annually in Cologne, Germany. We're excited to announce our presence at this remarkable event as we take a bold step towards putting the Netherlands on the global gaming map.
24 August 2023

Cutting-edge technologies

At Gamescom, the world’s gaming industry converges to showcase the latest games, cutting-edge technologies, and major announcements. From bustling exhibition floors to captivating press conferences, enlightening panels, and awe-inspiring cosplay, Gamescom is a true spectacle that captures the essence of gaming culture.

Look out for our distinctive booth – an “Invest in Holland” booth – located at the NL Pavilion | Hall 4.1 – Booth A021g – B030g. Our mission is to shine a spotlight on the Netherlands as a hub for gaming innovation and creativity.