MSD Animal Health opens new state-of-the-art vaccine factory in Brabant

MSD Animal Health in Boxmeer has grown into the global hub for the development and production of animal vaccines. The site therefore plays a key role in the protection of animal and human health. Moreover, with its growing presence, MSD gives a strong boost to business, employment and quality of life in the region

24 January 2023

The company produces no less than 150 million vaccines per day in Boxmeer, and that number will only increase in the coming years. On January 23, 2023, MSD Animal Health opened its new, state-of-the-art production facility for sterile filling and freeze-drying of vaccines for animals. Its location in the region of Brabant plays a central role in the development and production of this vaccines, as it supports MSD’s global leading position in the market for Animal Health vaccines.

This new facility was officially opened today by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Micky Adriaansens and Rick DeLuca, Global Director of MSD Animal Health. Minister Adriaansens: “Innovation contributes to our future economy. This new MSD vaccine factory shows that the Dutch Life Science & Health sector is leading in Europe. Products are made here that contribute to the protection of human and animal health.”

DeLuca: “The facility further expanded our presence in the region and brought new state-of-the-art technology in-house. This investment reflects our ambition to be a leader in innovative medicines, vaccines and technology to advance animal health.”

Protection of animal and public health

The new production capacity for sterile filling and freeze-drying of vaccines gives MSD Animal Health more options to meet the growing demand for vaccines. DeLuca: “Freeze-dried vaccines are more stable than liquid vaccines and also have a longer shelf life. This way we can now meet all the wishes and needs of customers even better.”

MSD supplies 100 different vaccines from Boxmeer to more than 140 countries under the slogan ‘The Science of Healthier Animals’. Timely and effective vaccination reduces and prevents serious diseases in farm animals and domestic animals, but also contributes to the protection of human health.

Anchored in the local community

After more than 70 years in Boxmeer, MSD Animal Health is anchored in the local community. As one of Boxmeer’s largest employers, the company has been committed to promoting well-being in the region for years. MSD Animal Health also works closely with companies in the region. With its many years of experience as a production company, MSD has a great deal of expertise in the sustainable management of machines and buildings.

Thijs Taminiau, Teamleader Foreign Investment at the Brabant Development Agency (BOM): “The company has had strong ties with Brabant for many years and we are enthusiastic about the prospect of further expanding their footprint in the region.”

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) have been supporting MSD Animal Health for many of these years. Innovative foreign companies such as MSD fit in seamlessly with BOM’s mission to achieve positive impact through the companies it supports.

Source: MSD