MSD Animal Health announces growth in Brabant

While many organizations face major economic challenges, this is the time for MSD to expand. Today, the drug company announces that it’s looking for hundreds of technical colleagues, especially in the production of vaccines in Boxmeer. There will be about 200 in the coming period, but that number can rise to more than 400. The company is currently also finalizing a new advanced factory at this location.

11 September 2020

Around 1,600 people are already working on animal health in Boxmeer, from research and development to production, packaging, logistics and marketing. But the growing demand for vaccines and medicines requires additional people. Often in technical positions – varying from operator or technician to quality specialist. Beautiful work, with which every employee can contribute to the global fight for health

The production and packaging facility in Boxmeer is very high tech with all kinds of special technologies and clean rooms. That will only get better with the new freeze-drying plant that will be put into operation at the end of this year. Within the Netherlands, construction is currently underway at all major MSD locations: in Haarlem, in Oss (at two locations) and in Boxmeer.

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