Merino Consulting Services is growing and moves to new location in Tilburg

Merino Consulting Services, a consultancy company that is engaged in advising medium to large companies in the manufacturing industry, will be located on the 6th floor of Plan-t in Tilburg as of April 2021.

13 January 2021

The services of Merino Consulting Services focus on business transformation; help companies to optimize their business operations and thereby make use of new (information) technology. Merino works with 120 consultants for international companies in High-Tech, Automotive, Aerospace and Machine construction.

Merino chose Tilburg seven years ago because of the presence of the Tilburg University, the proximity of Brainport and the automotive campus, the inviting business climate and the positive, open attitude towards the many foreign employees who work for Merino.

Merino is originally an Indian company and has several branches in Europe. In the Netherlands, Merino has its European headquarters in Tilburg. Because accessibility is an important requirement for Merino, a large part of its clientele is located outside Tilburg and even outside the Netherlands, Merino always chooses its locations in the immediate vicinity of a train station.

After being located at the Stationsstraat in Tilburg for 6 years, Merino has decided to look for the required larger surface in a different type of building. Sustainability is an important theme for the Merino Group. In order to comply with the strict requirements set by the group for sustainability and social responsibility, it was decided to move to Plan-t. After a short study (the facts are obvious), Plan-t turned out to be an extremely suitable new environment for Merino’s European headquarters.