Launching ‘Brabant is Bright’

'Brabant is Bright' is the international campaign of Brabant aimed at promoting the region abroad and serves as the key platform for international business activities with and in the Brabant region. We have launched the new 'Brabant is Bright' campaign featuring a new website, magazine and video.
12 December 2023

Brabant is Bright Day

Last week, we celebrated a significant milestone at the Provinciehuis in ‘s-Hertogenbosch as we commemorated our Brabant is Bright Day. This special occasion marked not only the 40th anniversary of BOM (Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij) but also the launch of our international campaign ‘Brabant is Bright’ – A truly momentous event.

We are proud that Brabant is a region where groundbreaking technologies are not just developed, but brought to live. We’ve created a website where foreign, as well as Brabant-based organizations and businesses can access a wealth of resources – from case studies and data to infographics and whitepapers. This platform highlights Brabant’s unique strengths in sectors like High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM), Foodtech, and Medtech.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, especially our speakers for their insights on Brabant’s economy and innovation. 

📸Exciting news: the photos from our photowall are now available! Check them out below for a glimpse of the event and feel free to share them via social media! 

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