Medical Robotics

Brabant is home to virtually all levels of the robotics markets thanks to its advanced high-tech ecosystem and specialist technical universities. Brabant excels in robotics, where artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced engineering meet to produce breakthrough technologies. Adding to this are the connections with hospitals and medical facilities within Brabant that collaborate on such projects.

Inside Brabant’s Value Chain for Medical Robotics

For decades, technologies that require pinpoint accuracy and high complexity have been built in the province. In Brabant, the medical sector is closely aligned with the high-tech industries, notably in the work of Philips Healthcare and also evident in the series of innovations in X-ray machines, starting as far back as 1927 with the world’s first portable X-ray machine.

Brabant is home to numerous robotics suppliers and programmers, meaning that specialist components are easy to obtain and do not always have to be shipped from the other side of the world. In many instances, these advanced components can be manufactured within the province.

Why Brabant excels in Medical Robotics

  • Industry Based ecosystem

  • High Tech Campus Eindhoven, TU/e  campus & BIC

  • Leading companies and innovators such as MedEye and ReMediZ

  • Adaptive collaborative culture

Our ecosystem – leading companies & ecosystem locations

  • Ecosystem locations
  • Leading companies

  • Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

    A research university specializing in engineering science & technology.  

  • EAISI Institute

    Is an AI community at TU/e. EASI has various research labs in cooperation with partners in the fields of mobility, robotics and high tech systems. 

  • Fontys

    University offering High Tech Systems & Materials programs.

  • High Tech Systems Center

    Conducts fundamental research and design around new concepts and prototypes in the field of High-tech and mechatronic systems, while focusing on the needs of the industry.

  • Meulensteen House of Robotics

    A dynamic hotspot for robotics start-ups.


  • Microsure

    Microsure's MUSA is the world’s first clinically available CE-certified surgical robot for microsurgery.

  • Preceyes

    The PRECEYES Surgical System is a robotic assistant for eye surgery. This high surgical precision aims to improve treatment outcomes and empowers surgeons to establish new innovative surgical techniques.

  • SARA Robotics

    SARA Robotics is a start-up that has created a care robot that is currently working in care homes and providing support for healthcare staff

  • EMR Robotics

    Eindhoven Medical Robotics develops high-precision surgical robotics.

Den Bosch

  • MedEye

    MedEye verifies all types of medication for accuracy and helps the nurse with efficient and correct registration.


  • Breda Robotics

    Breda Robotics is the breeding ground for innovation and robotics in West-Brabant.


  • International Cardio Corporation (ICC)

    ICC is a privately-held company with an initial vision to develop a non-invasive modality for the treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) using High-Frequency Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

  • ReMediZ

    The smart medication locker of the Brabant-based ReMediZ conditions the medication - making them last longer - and dispenses them individually to the patient.

Medical Robotics in Brabant

Medical Robotics

Learn more about medical robotics in Brabant with this whitepaper


We have a lot of other companies in our region where we work together. That resulted in us now being in the same office as one of the other AI suppliers within healthcare. We work closely together because we are both working with the same audience. And together you can do many innovative things.

Maartje Claassens - Director SARA Robotics


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