Digital Entertainment & Immersive Technologies

Brabant is a leading hub for digital entertainment and immersive technologies, with a thriving ecosystem of companies and organizations pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field. From virtual and augmented reality to gaming and interactive media, Brabant is home to a diverse range of innovative companies, startups, and research institutions.

Best-ranked gaming institute

The Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) is a renowned educational institution that has established itself as a major hotspot for the videogame industry. The BUAS offers some of the best-ranked programs for game design, development, and management in the world, attracting students from various countries worldwide. The institution’s faculty consists of industry professionals and experienced educators who provide students with valuable knowledge and insights into the gaming industry.

The institute has a state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes dedicated game development labs, studios, and equipment, enabling students to work on real-world projects and gain hands-on experience. The university’s location in the Netherlands is also ideal for the gaming industry, with a thriving game development community and a supportive ecosystem for start-ups and entrepreneurs. In addition, the BUAS offers students numerous opportunities to network with industry leaders, participate in international competitions and game jams, and showcase their work at various events and expos. The institution’s emphasis on practical learning and industry-focused education has helped many students launch successful careers in the gaming industry.

Why Brabant excels in Digital Technologies

  • Established ecosystem in Gaming

  • IT, Data Science & Creative Talent available

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality focus

  • Developed High Tech ecosystem

  • Test & Experiment facilities

Our ecosystem – leading companies & ecosystem locations

  • Ecosystem locations
  • Leading companies

  • Breda BUAS Campus

    The campus offers a range of facilities and resources that are specifically designed to support companies in the digital entertainment and immersive technology sectors.


  • Triple-O Campus

    The Triple O Campus is the center for creativity and technology in Breda and the surrounding area


  • Enversed Studios

    A creative production studio and frontrunner in the field of virtual reality and other immersive media.

  • Prespective

    Specialised in developing simulation platforms that enables high-tech companies to easily and accurately setup a Digital Twin of their system.

  • Manus

    develops high-end finger tracking gloves for Motion Capture and VR.

  • VRee

    Developed a platform independent full body multiplayer VR platform. The VRee Platform makes it easy to build interactive multiplayer VR applications.

  • Dimenco

    Specialize in creating glasses-free 3D displays for various applications, including gaming, automotive, and advertising.


  • High Tech Campus

    The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven is a world-renowned innovation hub for technology and high-tech companies.

  • Strijp-S

    It is home to a range of companies, including several in the Digital Entertainment and Immersive Technologies domain, as well as creative startups, artists, and designers.

  • Mindlabs

     MindLabs is a digital innovation hub and is focused on driving innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, robotica, language technology, serious gaming, and other human-centered technologies.


Whitepaper Immersive Technology Brabant

Learn more about Immersive Technologies in Brabant with this whitepaper.


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