IT & Data Science

The region of Brabant embraced the legacy of high-tech innovation and used it as a foundation to build the #1 innovative region for IT in the Netherlands. One of the region’s essential resources is its 79,000 highly educated IT professionals, with 42,360 directly working in IT. In addition, the region boasts a high degree of specialization with various IT technologies, such as 3D systems, smart industrial technologies, smart medical applications, and smart agriculture.

Open Innovation

Numerous Field labs and campuses are spread throughout the region and focused on specific themes. These hotspots are key for co-creation and advancing innovation. A prime example is the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC), where more than 35 companies, 2,000 high-level staff, and 1,500 students come together in a state-of-the-art working and learning environment. The next generation of professionals in the high-tech manufacturing segment are trained here, and companies innovate and manufacture together, sharing high-quality facilities such as cleanrooms, flexible production areas, and other advanced facilities. Another great example is the high tech campus, where over 300 companies and institutes, and more than 12,500 international researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs work on cutting-edge technology and applications. The campus offers state-of-the-art facilities, including labs, offices, and shared spaces designed to promote collaboration and innovation.

For other major IT players in the region, such as IBM, and SAP, the combined draw of ecosystem, geographical location, and concentration of high-tech businesses is a powerful argument for locating in Brabant. In addition, many IT hardware businesses also locate in the region due to its excellent logistics infrastructure and services; accordingly, numerous hardware companies such as Sony, Samsung, Acer, HP, LG and Dell have established European Distribution Centers in Brabant.

Future Growth

The region has a rich support network focused on stimulating growth in the IT sector, of which the High-Tech Software Cluster is a good example. This is a national network located at Brainport Eindhoven, where producers of software solutions for the high tech sector are coupled with hardware manufacturers. There is a strong support structure to help companies develop and digitize their businesses across several sectors. Critical aspects of the region’s future growth also lie in the digital transformation of businesses which will help boost the industries and help them to become more efficient and sustainable. Logically, this is coupled with an increased demand for Cybersecurity to protect businesses from external threats.

Key priority niche segments that we will be focusing on for the coming years include embedded software and cybersecurity solutions for the complex manufacturing industry. Applied Creative Software Technologies is another significant development niche with Gaming as the primary focus. Many technologies that emerge from the Gaming industry filter through to many other industries. Technologies such as AI, VR, or Cloud Computing solutions, were all developed or early-adopted in the Gaming industry and now find applications across many industry sectors, including education and health. Taking all this into consideration, it is safe to say that Industry 4.0 is thriving in Brabant.



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