Brabant has emerged as a leading hub for photonics, thanks to its strong focus on innovation and research. Key technologies such as integrated photonics can drive development in energy-efficient applications. Brabant’s success in photonics can be attributed to amongst others the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, which is home to PhotonDelta, an independent growth accelerator and open platform for the integrated photonics industry.

High-Value Photonics

The full electronics supply chain that co-developed with Philips adapted its core activities and is still in Eindhoven, supplying companies both in the Netherlands and abroad. The definitions of the technology (and the sequence in which they are mentioned) already perfectly clarify why the Brabant region still leads in electronics and related fields and the technology domains that evolved from electronics. They mirror Brabant’s historical growth and present strengths in High tech Systems & Materials from an electronics perspective: Electronics, Embedded Systems, Nanotechnology, Integrated Photonics. The Brabant HTSM ecosystem is deep, rich and well-represented in all of these fields.

Why Brabant excels in Photonics

  • Complete value chain for electronics

  • High Tech Campus Eindhoven, TU/e  campus, TNO and PhotonDelta.

  • Focused investment in Photonics

  • PhotonDelta is driving innovation and growth

Our ecosystem – leading companies & ecosystem locations

  • Ecosystem locations
  • Leading companies

  • Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute (EHCI)

    As part of TU/e, EHCI brings together photonics, electronics and quantum technology for cutting-edge research.

  • EAISI Institute

    Is an AI community at TU/e. EASI has various research labs in cooperation with partners in the fields of mobility, robotics and high tech systems. 

  • TNO

    The Netherlands Organization (TNO) for applied scientific research, connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way.

  • Photonic Integration Technology Center (PITC)

    Provides technology solutions, knowledge and technical support to companies that target specific market applications for integrated photonics through saving value time through its ‘’right first-time design’’ principle

  • Photondelta

    Shaping with the industry and partners a deep and rich ecosystem, driving innovation and growth in the integrated photonics sector, helping to solidify Brabant's position as a leading hub for integrated photonics.


    Aims at establishing an open innovation pilot line for the development of generic photonic integration technology.

  • Fontys

    Offers High Tech Systems & Materials programs. In addition, they offer a study program for electrical & electronic engineering


  • ASML

    Is a leading supplier of photolithography systems used in the semiconductor industry.

  • Philips

    Has co-developed a full electronics supply chain in Brabant with a long track record in photonics.

  • Signify

    Formerly known as Philips Lighting, is a global leader in the lighting industry. They offer a range of innovative lighting products, including LED lights that use advanced photonics technology.

  • SMART Photonics

    SMART Photonics is an independent pure-play foundry for photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

  • Bright Photonics

    BRIGHT Photonics is an independent design house for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) and supports companies and researchers in PIC development from application idea to prototypes and design for volume production.


Photonics in Brabant

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