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Brabant is by far the leading HTSM province in the Netherlands in terms of size, production volume, added value and daily patents. From R&D and manufacturing to assembly and distribution, if it’s the complete HTSM value chain your company is looking for, you came to the right place! With over 100 years of experience in mechanical engineering, an abundance of high tech expertise is guaranteed in our region, within a country that ranks 2nd on the Global Innovation Index.

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Brabant. leading the way in innovation.

More than one fifth of all HTSM-related jobs and almost a third of HTSM of production are based in Brabant. And with half (!) of the country’s R&D spending originating from Brabant, it’s no surprise that more patents are filed from our companies and research institutes than from anywhere else in the country.

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Thin film photovoltaic solar energy 3 Holst Solliance

Bright Business

Brabant hosts a large number of international high tech companies that are leading in many different technologies, such as:

  • automotive and smart mobility
  • medical technology
  • lighting
  • 3D printing
  • semiconductors
  • solar
  • photonics
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Bright People

Keeping your company up to date with the endless stream of new technologies can be tough, so access to new talent is a must! A third of our higher education students opt for science related programs providing you with a continuous new pool of motivated, young and bright talent to choose from. Each year, 5,000 students graduate at a higher educational level and no less than 11,500 graduate at a technical education level.

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Brainport Eindhoven. The smartest region.

Known as the smartest city in the Netherlands with its unique High Tech Campus, Eindhoven is ranked third worldwide in the Forbes Foreign Direct Investment Index for best innovation hubs. Within the space of only 1 square kilometre, the High Tech Campus unites technology and 11,000 highly qualified people from globally renowned R&D institutes and knowledge centers. Companies located at the High Tech Campus apply for an average of 4 patents each day. This unique ‘Brainport’ district offers you an unbeatable environment for open innovation.

The ease of doing business in Brabant is great. The available ecosystems are very useful as they facilitate access to a pool of highly-educated people, an excellent infrastructure and a vast network of subcontractors. The High Tech Campus is a well-equipped and vibrant working location.

Timo Fine, Manager Benelux - Wipro Europe

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