The fact that the largest chemicals site in the Netherlands is situated in Brabant is no coincidence! We are strategically located in the geographical heart of ‘ARRRA’, the biggest chemical cluster in the world. ARRRA stands for Antwerp, Rotterdam, Rhine Ruhr Area and accounts for 40% of the EU’s total chemical production. Referred to as ‘The Chemical Portal to Europe’, the Netherlands excels in Industrial Biotechnology, High Performance Materials and Fine Chemicals, generating a total annual turnover of €50 billion.


Brabant. creates the right chemistry.

Brabant is attractive for the chemical industry for two major reasons: its central geographical location and its multimodal infrastructure – road, rail, water and pipelines. Many chemical companies also choose to keep their high value-added, specialized, knowledge intensive (production) activities in Brabant, due to the far better protection and enforcement of property rights. Furthermore, the rich chemicals sector ecosystem offers you advanced collaboration possibilities, providing easy access to our highly educated people, companies and research institutions.

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Bright business

Brabant hosts a large number of international chemical companies – including Daikin Chemical, Shell, Kolb, Fujifilm, Sabic, Iris Ohyama – that are leading in different segments, such as:

  • Rubber and plastics
  • Polymers and composites
  • Coatings
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Bright people

In 2018, a total of 25,000 people were working in the chemical and plastics industry in Brabant, of which 24% had a higher education, 48% had a medium education and 28% had a lower education. At an academic level, Eindhoven University of Technology provides Bachelor and Master programs. And Fontys and Avans, two Brabant-based Universities of Applied Sciences, also have specialized programs for the chemical industry with a total of 130 graduates every year. At a medium level 4,660 students graduated from a chemical education.

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Other reasons why KOLB settled on Brabant include its strategic location with respect to the international ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the excellent road and rail links. And last but not least, the availability of personnel with adequate training.

Mark Bramer, Site Director Netherlands - KLK KOLB