Brabant’s biobased industry is part of the biggest chemical cluster in the world. Our region is strategically located in the geographical heart of ‘ARRRA’, the most competitive, fully integrated and technologically advanced chemical cluster in the world. The region is home to a vibrant and developing biobased industry consisting of corporations, research institutes and test facilities.

Bio energy plant in Cuijk Energising the future

500 companies

25,000 jobs

Dominant feedstock position

Brabant. Blessed with biobased.

Brabant offers unique characteristics for a biobased industry: it’s part of the biggest chemical cluster in the world (ARRRA), offering European market access as well as the right utilities and high-quality physical infrastructure. Major sub-clusters include the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, and the inland regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and Ludwighafen – Mannheim – Karlsruhe. This local clustering allows for shared utilities, which implies cost and energy efficiency. Moreover, Brabant is best positioned to capitalize on its favorable and regionally available sugar feedstock position due to the presence of the worlds’ most efficient and large-scale sugar beet producing industry. Alternative feedstock (a.o. agricultural waste streams, woody biomass) can be regionally sourced or imported via the (deep) sea ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Moerdijk, Terneuzen, Vlissingen and Ghent. As such, supply of feedstock can be ensured. Also, there is ample availability of a well-educated and flexible workforce.

Biobased laboratory Green Chemistry Campus

Bright business

Brabant is part of 'Biobased Delta’. Within this structure entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government agencies strengthen the front runner position of the region in the biobased industry. This area stands for collaboration between and integration of technologically advanced farmers, the presence of agrifood companies, large chemical players, the presence of brand owners, a large number of innovative SME’s, renowned knowledge institutes, educational institutions, pilot and demonstration plants, and supporting governments. The Biobased Delta focus areas are green raw materials, green building blocks and sustainable process technology.

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Biorizon Bergen op Zoom aromatics from biomass Brabant Brand Box

Bright People

The region offers a qualified biobased workforce of approximately 25,000 people. Around 1,000 higher vocational students, specialized in biobased, graduate every year. The Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) focusses on education, research and knowledge in the biobased industry, and is part of Avans University of Applied Sciences. Senior secondary vocational institutions are also actively engaged. ROC West-Brabant, for example, has developed a Centre for Innovative Craftsmanship (CIV) for the biobased economy.

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Green Chemistry Campus

On the premises of SABIC Innovative Plastics in Bergen op Zoom, the Green Chemistry Campus is located. This campus is a business accelerator for biobased innovations. Large companies, SMEs, knowledge institutes and government agencies work together in an open innovation environment to develop new biobased technologies and products with a focus on performance materials, chemicals and coatings.

Green Chemistry Campus offers:

  • Laboratories, analytical technology center, space for pilot and demo equipment and options for co-siting
  • Natural fiber Application Center – Facilities for fiber processing: grinders, refiners, 50 kg pilot paper production plant, heat 3D press, laboratories

From biomass via green building blocks able to fulfil the growing demand from consumer brands to sustainable materials and attracting innovating SMEs – that’s what the Green Chemistry Campus is about.

Marc Jamin, Director Government Relations - SABIC

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