When you prepare for launch in Brabant, you operate directly from Europe’s fastest growing world-class aerospace MRO, innovation and training region. About one fifth of Aerospace companies in the Netherlands are located in Brabant. Our region employs one third of all employees working in the Dutch Aerospace industry, mainly located at the two Aerospace hotspots in Brabant. So be prepared to join forces with global leaders in the sector!

Aerospace monteurs onder vleugel Fotograaf Joep Lennarts

Brabant. All systems go.

Brabant is home to the Royal Dutch Airforce’s HQ as well as the maintenance center and testing facility for international F-35 fighter jet engines. When you combine this with the region’s strategic location and an abundance of high tech expertise, you end up with a powerful mix of highly educated engineers, affordable real estate and state-of-the-art training facilities. So, whether you’re in commercial or military aerospace, Brabant always offers you the perfect platform!

Aerospace sector
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Bright business

In Brabant, no less than 160 establishments are part of the Aerospace industry, including Fokker, Bradford Engineering, Chromalloy, Boeing, Standard Aero. In addition to that, there are 125 establishments related to Aerospace as suppliers of components, parts, services or knowledge. Many technologies underlie the local Aerospace sector, such as:

  • Aerostructures
  • Engine subsystems and components
  • Maintenance repair and overhaul
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Future concepts (composites, 3D printing)
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Aerospace monteurs onder vleugel Fotograaf Joep Lennarts

Bright people

It’s no rocket science that the aerospace sector requires a very specific level of education. A total of 19,000 people are working in aerospace in Brabant, a large part of which with a higher education. So, also in terms of highly qualified staff, the sky is the limit…

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The Woensdrecht Air Base in Brabant serves as the operational nerve center for the company. The facilities also include a high-tech and a well-oiled warehouse. Operating out of Brabant, the company makes sure that every F-35 part gets to wherever needed.

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