Japanese global actor MIRAI DATA B.V. opens business at Automotive Campus

Japanese company MIRAI DATA B.V. has of December 1st taken up an office at Automotive Campus in Helmond, the Netherlands. The company will use the modern office initially as ‘sales and marketing facility’ to enhance their activities in Europe and to update their customers, OEMs and partners from Europe on the latest technological developments in the connected mobility field.

7 December 2021

Autonomous driving

MIRAI DATA B.V. established themselves at the Automotive Campus, Helmond, as a way to bring developments in Japanese autonomous vehicle technology to Europe. The global actor is a company focused on autonomous mobility, including self-driving personal mobility, cars and large vehicles, such as trucks. Through technological innovation, the company hopes to forge new ground in the areas of autonomous vehicle software development, vehicle control technology, including vehicle handling, predictive maintenance and research collaboration.

We are delighted to have received the support of Brabant Development Agency (BOM), Brainport Development and the Automotive Campus in this venture, and could not be happier with the support we have been given by everyone involved in these organizations. Our goal is to extend our knowledge and experience of self-driving systems, control engineering, experience in support of public and private platooning and automation projects to Europe via the Netherlands, and we hope to engage with the vibrant ecosystem the region boasts

Takashi Hayakawa - CEO of MIRAI DATA B.V.

Lex Boon, Director of Automotive Campus, is extremely pleased with the arrival of another Japanese company: “Together with our regional partners, we worked very hard to get this Japanese company to our campus. Our approach to open innovation and networking was particularly appealing to them. We are convinced that the ecosystem with Tom-Tom, Here, TNO, Siemens Tass, AI inmotion and many others will contribute to their success. The Brabant Eindhoven region has become the setting for intensive cooperation between the corporate world, public agencies and educational institutes, with knowledge-sharing as the central focus point.”

The fact that MIRAI DATA B.V. will have a presence here will help to improve the link between Japanese and Dutch organisations and bring the international image of the Automotive Campus to a next level.

Edwin Zonder, Senior Project Manager at the Brabant Development agency says: “While many people in the Netherlands may not have heard of Japanese companies like MIRAI DATA and SEKISUI, these are global players in the automotive industry, with an annual turnover of billions of euros and a great workforce. When a company tells us how impressed they are with the Campus, we must accept this as an incredible compliment.”