Great Wall Motor in the Brabant: A Warm Welcome to Green Innovation

Great Wall Motor (GWM) is a prominent player in today's global automotive industry, making substantial strides toward a more sustainable future with its innovative approach by providing environmentally friendly mobility solutions.
30 October 2023

Driving innovation

GWM is not just any ordinary automaker; they are known for their open innovation and crafting of a diverse range of vehicles. GWM offers an extensive lineup that caters to a broad spectrum of automotive enthusiasts, from three sleek major types of SUVs to robust sedans and rugged pickups. Even more impressive is their commitment to both traditional and new energy vehicles. This diverse product range aligns with the ever-growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles; their dedication to sustainability extends beyond their vehicles; it encompasses the entire ecosystem of mobility. With the world’s automotive landscape evolving towards sustainability, GWM is at the forefront, promising a greener future.

We are excited that GWM has added a Dutch charm to their European venture by opening an office in Eindhoven. Planning to create an economic boost, they plan to hire 50 FTEs in the next three years. We warmly welcome the company and are excited to collaborate on open innovation and work toward a more sustainable future. 

GWM, one of China’s automotive giants, continues to leave a substantial global footprint. Their recent activity around Europe has created quite a buzz. With the central headquarters strategically based in Munich, a move cemented by a fruitful collaboration with BMW and their R&D center, GWM has been making waves in the automotive industry. But the story does not stop there. The recent move to our tech-driven region provided the ideal setting for GWM’s sustainable mobility endeavors; this dynamic city aligns with its values of innovation, making it a natural choice. 

The Dutch office serves as a hub for finance, HR operations, and sales and marketing for the European market but also plays a pivotal role in the company’s research and development endeavors. There are ongoing discussions within the GWM group about transferring a portion of R&D activities to the Netherlands and how they can get the most use out of these offices.  

The rationale behind this strategic shift is quite compelling. GWM firmly believes that open innovation thrives in the Netherlands, surpassing even the innovation juggernaut of Germany. While we may be taking creative liberties in making this claim, it underscores GWM’s confidence in the Dutch ecosystem.

GWM’s engagement with Dutch stakeholders and organizations is already making strides. One noteworthy event was GWM’s participation in the innovation tour organized by BOM at the Automotive Campus in Helmond on June 1st. During this tour, they engaged with key figures, including Tonie Cleophas and Mengjuan Zhou from BOM, Carol de Vries from PhotonDelta, Ronald van den Putte from TNO, and Bram Hendrix from RAI. 

In a gracious LinkedIn message, GWM expressed their appreciation for the warm welcome extended to them during their visit. Florian Sabatzki, GWM’s Benelux sales manager, presented the company’s ambitious business development and strategic planning for the European Union.

"The meeting was illuminating; my colleague, the Benelux sales manager, Florian Sabatzki, introduced the business development and strategic planning of Great Wall Motor in the European Union. And it was an excellent opportunity to learn about the ecosystem for developing intelligent and green automobiles in the Netherlands. We look forward to meeting you all in subsequent follow-up activities."

In conclusion,Great Wall Monitors journey toward more sustainable mobility is not merely an industry trend but a commitment to a greener future. The opening of the dutch office opens an exciting chapter in the company’s journey.  It’s not just a business move; it’s a statement of confidence in the Netherlands’ innovation capabilities , its strategic partnerships, innovative spirit and the determination to lead in the environmentally responsible automotive solutions. As GWM continues to grow, expect more groundbreaking initiatives that drive toward a more sustainable future. Great Wall Motor is undoubtedly a name to watch and will be a gamechanger in the future of sustainable mobility.

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