Brabant is…

…a region with a rich legacy of excellence in innovation. This focus on innovation is rooted in the very soil of Brabant, where, centuries ago, the first farmers worked together to find ways to make the infertile delta sand and silt suitable for agriculture.

Today, Brabant is a technological accelerator – a place where ground-breaking technologies are developed and produced. The industrial legacy of Philips laid the foundation for today’s culture of innovation – a collaborative ecosystem of pioneering entrepreneurs creating inventions that truly span the globe.

We create smart solutions

In Brabant, every component, every conceivable machine, every possible integrated system or cyber-physical system can be conceived, designed, developed, produced and assembled, marketed, commercialized and maintained – even remotely, if necessary. Four patent applications per day emanate from this veritable hotbed of R&D, accounting for 50% of all Dutch patent applications and making it Europe’s fastest-evolving tech / industrial ecosystem. The most complex machine in the world was developed and built here by ASML. Its technology is responsible for the ultimate production of 85% of the silicon chips in our cars, airplanes, mobile phones, cookers, and cameras – transforming technology into tangible advancements in our everyday lives.

Brabant innovation leader

  • >50% of all Dutch EU patents are generated in Brabant
    Source: EOB, 2022

  • >30% private R&D expenditure NL is disbursed in Brabant
    Source: CBS, 2022

  • Eindhoven ranks 7th when it comes to the most promising global ‘science hubs.’
    Source:, 2022

  • TU/e ranks #4 worldwide in collaboration with the industry
    Source: TU/e, 2022

  • Brabant is home to ASML - ASML’s machines are so critical to our everyday lives that they influence world geopolitical equilibrium
    Source: Investment Monitor, 2022

We have a global reach

Strategically located in North-western Europe at the crossroads of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Europe’s leading seaport in Rotterdam, the Port of Antwerp, Brussels, and the major German economic heartland of the Rhine-Ruhr region, Brabant enables rapid and direct access to key markets in Europe. The region offers excellent logistical connections to these markets and the rest of the world via road, rail, and inland waterway networks and via three major international aviation hubs within 1-hour travel time: Amsterdam/ Brussels/ Dusseldorf.

Recent foreign investments in Brabant

Fast-forward to the future

Our location drives innovation, and innovation drives our location. From working together as farmers to turn sand ground into fertile soil to today’s business culture of working together, collaborating, and co-creating solutions to tackle world’s major challenges, companies that put down roots in Brabant rapidly become part of our innovative ecosystem. Our location, combined with our open and collaborative community, helps companies that locate here accelerate their innovation and fast-track their products or services to market.

In Brabant, it’s literally fast-forward to the future, with no less than eight innovation campuses. The long-established open innovation and collaboration culture helps to fast-track innovation, development and entrepreneurship in helping solve societal challenges and making the region a true innovation accelerator. A warm, hospitable and welcoming nature, openness, and desire to collaborate are renowned Brabant characteristics that help speed connection, cooperation, and growth.

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