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Brabant has become very appealing to foreign office functions, including European headquarters, marketing & sales and/or shared services. In addition to headquarters of many Dutch companies, almost twelve hundred foreign headquarters and other office functions, including Exxon, Toshiba, Ricoh, Acer, Advantech and SAP are based in Brabant, employing roughly 82,000 people all together.


Brabant. from where you can manage europe.

It’s no surprise that Brabant is hosting so many European headquarters, marketing & sales operations and shared services centers these days. Companies of all sizes and origins benefit from the neutral, pro-business and economically stable environment that offers businesses – whether a Fortune 500 company or SME – clear operational advantages, such as ideal European market access. All combined with an excellent quality of life for employees!

Getting to and from your European office for your staff, customers and suppliers has never been more convenient, thanks to Brabant’s strategic location situated in the heart of Europe. Based in the Netherlands, a leading site for European office functions, Brabant makes it easy for you to compete in Europe’s highly competitive environment through:

Pro-business corporate tax structure

Competitive corporate tax rate of 25% and VAT-deferment

Sophisticated physical and telecom infrastructure

Warehousing, assembly, value added logistics/services

Bright people

Ensuring easy access to your European markets

Market proximity

Doorstep to the world’s largest and wealthiest market of 700 million people

When it comes to partnering for Smart City & Iot Solutions in the European market, Brabant has proven to be the perfect seed-bed. Establishing our European headquarters in the Eindhoven region has allowed us to come one step closer to achieving that goal.

Chaney Ho, Co-founder & Director of BOD Advantech - Advantech

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