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Brabant is becoming increasingly attractive for companies that are not only looking for technology access, but also for partners who can fund research, reduce risks and share costs. Being the most R&D intensive region in the Netherlands with over 34,000 people engaged in R&D activities, Brabant is able to provide the necessary brainpower, readily delivered by its bright people and numerous research and educational institutes. Brabant’s distinctive collaborative research style holds the secret to significantly advancing your R&D and innovation activities.

ASML employees in the cleanroom 6

167 R&D facilities

20,800 jobs in R&D

Brabant. bringing bright innovations.

Globally recognized as being home to one of the world’s most educated populations, there is never a shortage of experience or new talent for your R&D programs. Furthermore, tax breaks, interest-free loans, and subsidies for high-tech equipment, personnel and facilities help you even mote when it comes to turning your innovations into meaningful business opportunities.

It’s easy to connect with the right people and resources as they are all right here, at your fingertips:

Bright people

16,000 researchers work in Brabant, and 32% of higher education students participate in science programs;

Global R&D-centers

Brabant is home to well-known research centers (among others: Philips, NXP and ASML);

Educational institutes

Renowned for leading science and technical programs, such as Holst Center, Technical University Eindhoven and the Design Academy;

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

The so-called smartest km² of the Netherlands is located in Brabant, where knowledge, skills and facilities are shared in an open innovation environment

Bright life

The Brabant quality of life attracts talent from all over the world.

The High-Tech environment provides us with the services and suppliers we need, especially when it comes to software engineers. The Technical University Eindhoven ensures a solid pool of Dutch and international talent.

Henk Eemers, Managing Director Mapscape - Mapscape

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