Advanced manufacturing

Brabant has become more than attractive for foreign manufacturing facilities that include production and assembly, especially in food, chemical, life sciences and high tech. With centuries of experience and easy access to new technologies, automation and robotics, it’s no surprise that Brabant is a prominent manufacturing center for more than 300 foreign manufacturing operations, including Mars, Cargill, MSD, Canpack, Bosch, KLK Oleo and Paccar, employing roughly 48,000 people all together.


323 manufacturing facilities

48,000 jobs manufacturing facilities

Brabant. Making it.

To get your new manufacturing facility off the ground quickly and efficiently without disrupting your customer satisfaction or delivery schedules, you need experienced people with the right skills and attitude. Brabant is home to many bright people, who have a good standard of education and are trained in efficient work planning, automation and production processes. We pride ourselves in high work ethics, flexibility and attendance levels, helping you to reach higher than benchmark productivity levels in Brabant.

Brabant makes it easy for you to compete in Europe’s highly competitive environment and when it comes to logistics critical success factors, it ticks all the boxes:

Proximity to European markets

a central location situated between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam;

Excellent connectivity

a sophisticated physical infrastructure and an extensive multimodal network;

Presence of suppliers/subcontractors

an abundance of SME’s and service providers in the region

Excellent logistics capabilities

logistics service providers offering VAL/VAS, getting materials to your plant and finished products to your customers anywhere in Europe.

A thorough search for the best possible location led us to Cuijk. A number of factors made the choice apparent, such as the knowledge, expertise, passion and commitment of our specialized and talented workforce.

Jeroen Boon, Director Nutricia Cuijk - Nutricia

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