Breda: Thriving Hub for International Talent in the Gaming Industry

Brabant is a leading hub for digital entertainment and immersive technologies, with a thriving ecosystem of companies and organizations pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field. Within this dynamic landscape, the city of Breda is emerging as the new game development hub, drawing attention not only for its vibrant gaming scene but also as a welcoming home for international professionals. Among the key players shaping this narrative is Robbie Grigg, a game technology expert and educator who has made Breda his home for the past 12 years.
16 January 2024

Brabant’s and Breda’s claim to fame in the gaming world is anchored in the excellence of its educational institutions, notably Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS). Offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Game Technologies entirely in English, BUAS has earned international acclaim. In 2023, GAMEducation ranked its coursework as the second-best in Europe and the third-best globally, contributing significantly to Breda’s rise on the game design map.

Robbie Grigg, a game technology expert, educator and technical director of a game studio, sheds light on what makes Brabant and especially Breda a magnet for game companies and international talent. Grigg underscores the high quality of life in Breda with its welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Breda University of Applied Sciences presents us with top talent that would otherwise be difficult to attract. The university acts as a talent pipeline, providing game companies with skilled professionals.

Robbie Grigg, Game Studio - Technical Director

The university has also been a catalyst for bringing together new movements in the games industry. Initiatives such as the Breda Game Hub and Breda Game City are really helping take the community here to another level. Events such as the Everything Procedural conference, hosted in Breda, are now known worldwide in our industry. It’s very exciting to see the city creating a community around game development.

International environment

Grigg’s own experience reflects the city’s magnetic pull. As part of the director team at a relatively new studio in Breda, he highlights the decision to establish the studio in the city, emphasizing the international environment that Breda offers. The city’s ability to attract top talent, either through the university or by nurturing local talent, positions it as an incubator for creativity and innovation in game development.

Cultural experiences 

Away from the professional realm, Grigg appreciates the diverse cultural offerings in the region. Breda offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Grigg’s love for football found a perfect match in Breda, where he joined a local club and forged Dutch friendships.

In terms of family life, Grigg extols Breda for its excellent education system, convenient infrastructure, and a stress-free lifestyle. The city’s accessibility allows residents to walk to work, the gym, and nearby parks, contributing to a fulfilling and uncluttered daily life.

For Robbie Grigg and many others, Breda has not only become a thriving center for game development but also a welcoming home where international professionals and their families can experience a high quality of life, vibrant cultural scenes, and a supportive community. As Breda continues to shine on the European gaming stage, it stands poised as a testament to why internationals thrive in this bright and innovative city.

Robbie Grigg - Game Studio - Technical Director. Meet internationals in Brabant

This article is part of the “Meet internationals in West-Brabant” campaign, organized by the Breda Internationals platform, the Province of North Brabant, and the Living In program of the Expat Center.

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