Brabant Welcomes Hoymiles: A Global Leader in Smart and Sustainable Energy

Hoymiles, a leading smart energy provider and microinverter manufacturer, celebrated the opening of their new office at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven a few weeks ago. The company has chosen to expand to Europe, with a focus on strengthening its presence in the Netherlands, to meet the growing demand for solar energy. The opening of the European subsidiary is just the latest milestone as the company seeks to strengthen its presence in the global market.

25 April 2023

Mavis Fu, Investment Director at Hoymiles: “Brabant is an attractive destination for clean energy investment due to its remarkable clean-energy industry hub, good geographic location and innovation capabilities.”

With a clear focus and complementary to other clusters in the Netherlands, Brabant is quickly becoming a hub for clean energy innovation. Here are the top 3 reasons why Hoymiles has chosen to invest in Brabant:

  1. Brabant: A Hub for Clean Energy Innovation.
    Brabant is at the forefront of the clean energy industry, making it an ideal place for our company to grow and develop. Hoymiles mainly develops and produces solar and energy storage products, which are highly compatible with Brabant’s clean energy goals. As an industry pioneer in clean energy, Brabant is an excellent partner for Hoymiles to work with on research and development.
  2. Innovation & Research capabilities
    With strong technological innovation and research capabilities, globally competitive high-tech industries, and a focus on solar energy, Brabant is the perfect match for our company’s goal of ‘Open Energy for All’.”
  3. Growing opportunities
    As the EU launches the Re-Power EU and Net Zero Industry Act, Brabant is taking a leading role in promoting and developing clean energy solutions. Our company, Hoymiles, is planning to develop a range of activities based on our subsidiary in Brabant, including reselling Hoymiles products, providing before and after-sales support and services, localized R&D engineering, and investing in small companies with synergy effects.

Future Collaborations

While Hoymiles is already planning to cooperate with local institutions and universities on R&D, such as ECN, TNO, and TU/e, there is still much more they hope to achieve in the future. By working closely with the local community, they aim to develop cutting-edge clean energy solutions that benefit the world. Hoymiles’ Sales Director of Europe Walter Jin shared the latest developments of the company and introduced Hoymiles’ product lineups and technical strengths. “Our team is looking forward to working closely with our customers and partners in Europe,” said Walter. “We believe that this new milestone will help us build even stronger relationships with our customers and partners here.”

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) supported Hoymiles in their process of setting up business at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. “Hoymiles is dedicated to the cleantech and renewable energy sector and envisions a sustainable future. The company is also rapidly expanding its global presence and actively pursuing innovation in climate-neutral energy, making it a great fit for Brabant’s local ecosystem”, says Mengjuan Zhou, project manager Foreign Investments East Asia at BOM.