Brabant Talent Initiative: People matter at Bosch in Breda

#PeopleMatterAtBosch in Breda - Ten companies in Brabant are offering suitable employment opportunities to 17,000 people with a physical, psychological, or mental disability. The Dutch government has created special programs in an effort to increase job opportunities and labor participation on the part of this group by offering financial incentives to employers.

25 August 2020

Fifteen years ago, the Bosch Power Tools Customization Centre decided to specialize in product packaging, with the products packaged by members of the ATEA Group. ATEA is an acronym for activation, training, and employment and the group ensures that people who are not able or not yet ready to enter the labor market can still perform meaningful work, be socially activated or be a part of purposeful activities.

In 2010 the ATEA Group partnered with the foundation Betrokken Ondernemers Samen voor Breda, a group of companies that focuses on CSR within Breda and that brings together private enterprise, social organizations, and local authorities to work on concrete projects with social objectives.

Everyday some 150 ATEA Group members are employed at Bosch’s Breda plant, and the partnership has created a unique and highly successful concept – instead of making people fit into existing processes, the processes themselves are customized to suit the worker. This unique approach means that everybody can perform longterm and meaningful jobs, day in and day out.

Source: Bosch

#PeopleMatterAtBosch in Breda, Brabant

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