Brabant region wins fDi Strategy Award as mid-sized European Region

The Brabant region wins the fDi Strategy Award 2022/2023 as mid-sized European Region. The strategy focus, which the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) has been applying since 2014/2015 to attract and guide foreign companies, is one of the reasons for fDi to award this Strategy Award.

17 February 2022

In addition, Brabant scores well in the Mid-sized regions overall (7th) and economic potential (5th).

The results of the Financial Times for European Cities and Regions of the Future are published every two years. This is a ranking of cities and regions that have the best prospects for foreign investment, economic development and business expansion. The independent research is conducted by FDI Intelligence, the largest knowledge center in the field of foreign investments worldwide.

The assessment of “FDI Strategy” is done by an independent panel of experts based on our submission. It’s great to see our strategy is being rewarded by FDI Intelligence.

The entire article can be found here.