Bosch moves from Stripe-S to Stripe-T

Several divisions of the electronics company Bosch in the Netherlands will join forces at a new shared location on the Strijp-T business park in Eindhoven, starting from the second half of 2025.
19 October 2023

Corporate Consolidation

Bosch intends to consolidate the activities of Bosch Rexroth, Bosch Security Systems, ItoM (Ideas to the Market), Robert Bosch B.V., and Robert Bosch Investment in Building TX on Strijp T. These activities are currently located in Boxtel and in the Boschgebouw on Torenallee at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. Starting from the last quarter of 2025, Bosch will lease a total of 11,500 square meters of office space with 2,700 square meters of warehouse space in TX1.

Bosch will merge various locations, including Bosch Security Systems, currently based in Strijp S, and Bosch Rexroth from Boxtel. “By bringing multiple divisions together in a high-tech environment, we encourage collaboration among them. Additionally, the proximity to educational and research institutions provides additional opportunities,” says Patrick Incoletti, Director of Bosch Benelux. “Bosch’s presence aligns perfectly with the Strijp-T model, which emphasizes Make-Create-Innovate.”

Building TX on Strijp-T in Eindhoven was formerly a machine factory of Philips that produced machinery for the manufacturing of televisions and X-ray equipment, among other things. The 270 meters long and 67.5 meters wide factory is currently being transformed into a modern and energy-efficient business building while preserving its historical and architectural value, according to Boudie Hoogedeure of Geva Vastgoed. Building TX is the next building on Strijp T to undergo redevelopment. Three five-story office towers will be added on top of the existing hall, with Bosch renting one of them.

Geva Vastgoed and Bosch recently reached a lease agreement for the future new location of the electronics company. The building will accommodate approximately 600 Bosch employees.

In addition to Eindhoven, other significant Bosch locations in the Netherlands include Bosch Transmission Technology in Tilburg, Nefit Bosch in Deventer, Bosch Power Tools in Breda, Bosch Energy and Building Solutions in Nieuwegein and Berkel & Rodenrijs, BSH Huishoudapparaten in Hoofddorp, Bosch Rexroth in Haarlem, and ItoM in Enschede. In total, about 3,050 people work for Bosch in the Netherlands.

Bosch received advice from Cushman Wakefield, while Geva was assisted by Verschuuren & Schreppers Bedrijfsmakelaars.


Source: PropertyNL

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