Being part of the Brabant ecosystem is essential for us

Japanese company THK Europe set up office at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, where the company can continue to evolve in a highly innovative ecosystem. Marcel Heijnen, Sales Manager THK Europe B.V. and Team Leader Semiconductor Europe says: “We are closely connected to the High-Tech ecosystem in Eindhoven with our new modern facility at the High Tech Campus. Being part of this network is essential for maintaining and expanding our leading position in the high-tech markets such as semiconductors, robotics, medical technology and more.”

By Eveline Verholt

12 December 2022

THK is the world’s No.1 market leader of linear motion guides. The highly acclaimed THK products as linear guides, actuators, ball screws, link balls and cross roller rings are in use as essential mechanical components in all industries. THK products have enormous potential in the development of applications for the factory and process automation and are already being supplied to manufacturers for machine tools and industrial automation equipment. “Our strength lies not merely in offering standardized components, but also in our flexible development and proposals for customized products that completely satisfy customer needs by meeting their special purposes and usage conditions.”

Solving challenges together

“We worked hard to get an office spot on the High Tech Campus”, Heijnen continues. “We see the semiconductor market becoming more complex due to higher system requirements. To meet these new market challenges, we are constantly working with our partners and customers to develop new products and meet their high-end machine requirements. Our goal is to increase our presence in the semiconductor market in Europe, and it is therefore important to identify and connect with relevant companies, knowledge institutions and universities. And Brabant really is the place to do so.”

Bright future
THK is ready to be part of the ecosystem and community at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. “Our goal is to extend and share our knowledge and experience being part of the High Tech Campus community. This community really offers us the opportunity to collaborate with high-tech companies and start-ups, knowledge institutes and universities.

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) supported THK in their process of setting up business at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Marcel Heijnen: “BOM has really supported by connecting us with Japanese and Dutch companies in the high-tech sector in Brabant. We have attended events with inspiring themes to explore the innovative ecosystem in Brabant and BOM made a tremendous contribution in connecting THK to the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.”