Advipro chooses Brabant because of strong LS&H ecosystem

Advipro, a Belgian company, was founded in 2003 and is an independent specialist offering flexible total services to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical and high tech industry. Their activities are focused on the quality of the design, implementation and operation of critical systems, processes and facilities in regulated environments, with product and patient safety as a common theme. In 2018 Advipro established an office in Breda, the Netherlands, to support the growing amount of projects there. Now, the company is expanding its business activities in Brabant and the Netherlands.

24 March 2021

Great Life Sciences ecosystem

Peter Scheyltjens, CEO of Advipro, explains: “our specialized and in-house trained (Belgian) engineers have been deployed on a project basis in pharmaceutical companies in Brabant and the Netherlands for several years. Given our growing activities in the Netherlands, it was the logical next step to start an office in the Netherlands with Dutch colleagues to support our customers. In addition, Brabant has a great Life Sciences & Health ecosystem and the region is located near our HQ in Belgium. Now, we see that the growth of our company continues and our customer portfolio widens. Therefore we are expanding our business activities in Brabant.”

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM), in collaboration with REWIN West-Brabant supported their business. “We are very positive about the collaboration with these parties. BOM has provided us support on all kinds of matters. We have been able to rely on the extensive network of BOM, meaning that we are able to collaborate with other relevant companies in Brabant”, says Scheyltjens.

About Advipro

Advipro offers multiple services:

  • Project support: the company provides project support, as production processes in the life sciences and health industry are becoming more complex and more strictly regulated all the time. It is difficult for their clients to have an in-house expert for each and every discipline. Advipro has an extensive team of experts and experienced project support engineers;
  • Testing & Validation: as an independent company, Advipro is the ideal partner for testing and certification of controlled environments and GMP-critical installations.
  • Consulting & Solutions: their team of dynamic engineers adds their expertise to existing project teams, offers temporary or more permanent support or handles complete projects from A to Z.
  • The GxP Academy: Advipro has its own training and education center with a fully functioning, fully equipped clean room. The GxP Academy is used to train their own engineers, but also the staff of their clients. Advipro offers life science organizations, interbranch organizations and sector federations the opportunity to use the facilities and to provide a forum for national and international experts during training courses or networking events. And, upon your request, Advipro can organize benchmarks around specific GxP topics.