Adastec chooses Brabant because of innovative network

Due to the collaborative culture and innovative mindset, the American company ADASTEC chooses Brabant and in particular the Automotive Campus for their new office.

21 November 2022

The company is active in the Automotive Industry and developed a SAE Level-4 Automated Driving Software Platform that enables OEMs to develop modern, automated, shared and connected commercial vehicles.

This software is already being integrated into buses, which are in use on public roads in 5 countries in Europe & North America.


Brabant Automotive Ecosystem

ADASTEC is looking to explore automated driving technologies within the Automotive Ecosystem in Brabant, Eindhoven in particular, by collaborating with OEMs, software providers and sensor companies. “We are delighted to open our office in the Brabant region. The main reason for us to choose this location is because of the extensive network of automotive technology companies.”

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM), Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and the Automotive Campus supported this company in their search for a business location. ADASTEC: “We truly appreciate the work that has been done to assist us in this journey. We would like to thank everyone for the seamless integration into this network and the many introductions that were made to our company in such a short period of time”.

ADASTEC’s mission is to deploy more autonomous buses in Europe, which is why opening an office at the Automotive Campus’ ecosystem was so vital for the company.