Foreign Investment & Trade Services

We offer a diverse array of free services and support to help you discover new business opportunities and build your network in the region of Brabant. Moreover, our team offers hands-on assistance to businesses in Brabant, helping to turn their innovative plans into reality on a global scale.

On this page, you’ll find an overview of the network we operate in and the services that can benefit your business.

We help foreign companies explore Brabant

Our department works in partnership with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) to support foreign companies in establishing or expanding their operations in the Netherlands and in our case, Brabant. As part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the NFIA maintains a global network of foreign offices to assist businesses with everything from site selection to navigating local regulations. Together, we provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth and successful entry into the Brabant market for foreign companies. Whether you’re looking to relocate, expand, or invest.

We recognize the importance of regional collaboration in attracting foreign companies to our region. That’s why we work closely with REWIN West Brabant, Brainport Eindhoven, and other relevant regional partners to support businesses looking to establish themselves in Brabant. Our public and private networks allow us to provide comprehensive support and guidance to foreign companies as they explore opportunities in our region. By working together, we can leverage our collective resources and expertise to showcase the unique advantages and opportunities that Brabant has to offer, and help businesses thrive in our dynamic and innovative business ecosystem.

Growing abroad with our Trade Services

Our Trade professionals can offer matchmaking support to Brabant companies that want to grow internationally. We make valuable contacts in foreign countries and provide targeted information on markets and available funding. It also presents the successful economy of Brabant, and its thriving ecosystems, to foreign companies around the world.

We have an extensive network with embassies, consulates and local representatives in China (Jiangsu region), Southern Germany (Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria regions), the United States (Midwest & Texas) and Israel.

An extensive network

Our Trade professionals work closely together with Trade and Innovate NL (TINL). TINL helps connect Dutch businesses with clients from around the world. Together we join forces of public organizations to better support entrepreneurs in international markets. Trade and Innovate NL organizes events, mainly aimed at and in Asia, North America and Europe.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is a valuable resource for innovative businesses looking for support in internationalization. EEN consultants provide free guidance to businesses on a range of topics, including finding international business partners, advice on innovation and technology, mediating technology-based partnerships, and information on EU laws and legislation. At the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), we work closely with the EEN to provide intense support to businesses looking to grow and expand in Europe.

The EEN network consists of 600 organizations across 68 countries and works with chambers of commerce, government agencies, and institutes for company growth and innovation, and knowledge centers. This resource is available not just to businesses, but also to research institutes, universities, technology centers, and bodies focused on company growth and innovation.

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